Hang out with your best friend at these great foodie spots.

Going out to eat on a whim is a beautiful feeling, made only sweeter when you get to bring your favorite friend along for the outing. Asbury Park, New Jersey just so happens to be teeming with dog-friendly joints, ones where your pet can tag along and soak in all the fun.

Bring your dog to Asbury Park for a day and relish in a chock-full itinerary. From boardwalk treats to Main Street sit-downs, there are flavors for everyone (and maybe a snack for the leashed one while you’re at it).

1. Treats at The Asbury Fresh Farmers Market

Every Sunday throughout the spring, summer and fall, Asbury Park features a popping outdoor Farmer’s Market with every kind of flavor imaginable. Take your dog to Kennedy Park and stroll through the vendors, where makers sell magnificent crafts alongside cooked treats for you to savor.

Do yourself a favor and snag a bottle of hot sauce from the spiciest stand around (only after sampling every flavor, of course). Meanwhile, try on some jewelry from Asbury’s most talented artisans, and get yourself a doggie bag of treats of your choosing.

Asbury Park Farmers Market Location:
Main St, Asbury Park, NJ 07712, USA

2. Go Korean at MOGO

Korean fusion food is a serious business, and MOGO is a strong contender. Grab lunch from the patio of their restaurant on Cookman Ave, or take a bite from their boardwalk stand. 

Specializing in tacos of their own design, MOGO makes every effort to be unique in flavor and composition. Choose a flour taco or lettuce wrap, decide on a protein and add toppings like kimchi. Their kimchi fried rice and korean doughnuts are not to be missed, either. Whether you’re on the go with your dog or you’re ready to take a load off in a sit-down environment, this Korean option is a star among the rest.

MOGO Korean Boardwalk Location (May to September):
850 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712, USA

MOGO Korean Cookman Location:
632 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712, USA

3. Time for Yappy Hour at Wonder Bar

Perhaps the most iconic event in all of Asbury Park, Wonder Bar’s Yappy Hour is a must-visit for pups and owners alike. Get past the bouncer and enter the fenced-in patio for a drink (or a sniff, if you happen to be the furry one).

In the summertime during solid weather, Yappy Hour happens every day of the week, from noon to 8 PM. The bar reserves Mondays and Wednesdays for small dogs (think beagles and below). On weekends, a quick $5 entrance fee lets you pass the gate, with all proceeds going directly to Asbury Boardwalk Rescue and other local animal charities.

Wonder Bar Location:
1213 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712, USA

4. Romp Around Bradley Cove, aka Dog Beach after 6pm, 8th Ave Beach

There’s a perfect place for you and your dog to go between drinks and dinner. Once 6 o’clock in the evening rolls around, Asbury Park’s 8th Avenue beach transforms from a regular old stretch of sand to a total dog haven. Once you enter the unfenced arena, feel free to unlatch your pal’s lead and let roam free.

Owners throw balls for their dogs to fetch and puppies chase those relentless waves. Meanwhile, the sun sets behind the buildings and the birds trot along the shoreline—that is, until some wagging tail chases them away!

Bradley Cove, Dog Beach (after 6pm) Location:
8th Ave and Kingsley Street

5. Dinner with a View at Langosta Lounge

Located right on the boardwalk, Langosta Lounge is a pup-friendly establishment that serves up food fresh as can be. Servers will greet your dog with a water bowl of their own as you look over the sprawling menu.

With mains like lobster mac & cheese, BBQ barnegat oysters, Thai-style curry and even a veggie & goat cheese pizza, there really is something for everyone. And should you decide to give your dog some flavorful table scraps? Well, that’s totally up to you.

Langosta Lounge, New Jersey Location:
1000 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712, USA

Full Stomach, Happy Pup
With a day full of adventure behind you, it only makes sense you would want to take a load off at evening’s end. When it comes time to head home, you and your dog will have made some new friends, and some tasty memories to boot.

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