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About Nomtrips Inc.

Hi, we’re Edmund and Vic. We launched Nomtrips Inc. in 2019 with the belief that food can unite the world. Nomtrips.com is a site dedicated to creating, sharing and curating itineraries for your food trip adventures. We’re excited to go on this food adventure with you.

“We built Nomtrips because we believe food unites people. We want everyone to be able to experience what the world has to offer.”
– Edmund & Vic.

Meet the Team

Edmund Chua


Edmund co-founded Nomtrips with Vic because they shared a passion for food, creating food trips and traveling. Born in the Philippines, raised in Los Angeles, and currently in Edmonton, Canada, he is a husband and proud father of 2. His favorite place is Hawaii, and bucket list destination is Bora Bora.

Upcoming travel: London, Mexico

Favorite itinerary on the site: Thailand Series

Follow: @nomtrips

Vic Mach


Vic has traveled to various places around the world and New York is one of her favorite places to eat. She co-founded Nomtrips to share her food trips and experiences. She currently lives and works in Edmonton, Canada, but plans to continue to travel the world to discover the best bubble tea.

Upcoming travel: London, Dublin

Favorite itinerary on the site: New York (of course)

Follow: @nomtrips

Anthony Tiet

Brand Ambassador

Anthony AKA @saieii is the go-to guy when you are looking for food suggestions, travel tips, or tech advice. He’ll try anything at least once, and his personal goal is to travel to every continent – including Antarctica. It’s thanks to plenty of family trips growing up that he’s got the travel bug, but his mom thinks he travels too much. When he’s not out and about, Anthony is a total homebody: most nights he’s watching the Food Network, hunting for good bargains, and planning the next vacation. All in all, Anthony is trying to enjoy his life, and he’s blogging it all to share his favorite adventures! Nomtrips combines Anthony’s favorite things, food + travel, and sharing his experiences with the community.

Follow: @saieii

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