In episode 6, we look at one of Eddie’s favorite places to visit, Hawaii! Vic asks Eddie about the best places to eat and do. Eddie talks about Waikiki, favorite places to eat on the North Shore, and some hidden local favorites in Helena’s Hawaiian food! Hawaiian short ribs, yes, please. 

Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 0:43 How many times has Eddie been to Hawaii

Skip to: 1:26 Which cities did Eddie go visit?

Skip to: 2:08 Favourite city/area in Hawaii

Skip to: 2:45 City/area for the first timers

Skip to: 3:00 Best time to go

Skip to: 5:13 Top 3 Places to Eat

Skip to: 5:23 Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Skip to: 6:17 Matsumoto Shave Ice

Skip to: 7:24 Leonard’s Bakery

Skip to: 8:43 What food should first timers try

Skip to: 9:53 Try different types of Spam in Hawaii

Skip to: 10:28 Great Hawaiian breakfast

Skip to: 11:05 Fun group activity to do in Hawaii

Skip to: 12:35 Hike up Diamond Head

Skip to: 13:26 How long should you stay?

Skip to: 14:32 Should people island hop?

Skip to: 15:21 Accommodation in Hawaii

Skip to: 16:34 Getting Around Hawaii

Skip to: 17:26 Any local secrets – Hidden gems

Skip to: 17:45 Spam Musubi

Skip to: 18:43 Short ribs at Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Skip to: 18:08 Natural History Museum

Skip to: 20:51 What would you do if you didn’t have the kids with you?

Places Eddie Mentioned

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Matsumoto Shave Ice

Leonard’s Bakery

Diamond Head

Helena’s Hawaiian Food