In today’s episode, Anthony is back! Today he shares his McDonald’s experiences from around the world. Ever been to a “fancy” sit down McDonald’s? Well, there’s one in Hong Kong. He also shares his experiences from multiple McDonald’s including Egypt, Japan, and Australia. 

Remember Pokemon Happy Meal toys? Well, Anthony has some cool stories around his quests for McDonald’s merch.

Do you have McDonald’s stories to share? Tell us!

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Skip to: 2:32 When was Bubble Tea invented

Skip to: 8:41 Eddie’s experience in Hawaii’s McDonald’s

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Skip to: 15:38 Items we miss from McDonald’s

Skip to: 19:48 Make your own burger

Skip to: 22:13 What is our go-to at McDonald’s?

Skip to: 27:07 Triple Filet-O-Fish

Skip to: 28:51 Vic remembers the Big Mac paper ring holder

Skip to: 33:15 Anthony’s hunt for Pokemon Happy Meal toys

Skip to: 35:00 Nomtip: What should travellers look for at other McDonald’s?