In today’s episode, we discuss one of our favorite drinks, bubble tea! Also known as boba, we look at the history behind this popular drink. Where did it come from? How was it created? What does the bubble actually mean? 

Sit back and relax as we chat through all these questions over our own favorite bubble tea drinks. If you want to go ahead and get your favorite drink, please do. 

Also, guess how many times Vic visited Boba Guys in one day? HINT: She LOVES Boba Guys.

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Skip to: 2:32 When was Bubble Tea invented

Skip to: 2:55 Traditional Tea Houses in Taiwan

Skip to: 4:52 How was Boba discovered?

Skip to: 8:28 Customizing Boba

Skip to: 9:47 Vic’s Love for Boba Guys

Skip to: 11:06 What does Bubble mean in Bubble Tea?

Skip to: 12:38 When did Boba move to North America?

Skip to: 13:16 What are the Tapioca balls?

Skip to: 15:52 Is Boba Healthy?