In episode 5, we look at one of Vic’s favourite cities, New York! Eddie asks Vic about the best places to eat and do. Vic talks about her top 3 eats, adventures and shares some great tips and advice for the first-time visitor. Bonus content includes her hilarious experience attending the Sleep No More show. 

Final question: If you had 1 hour to visit NY, where would you eat? Check out Vic’s full answer in this episode.

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Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 1:09 Vic’s top 3 places to eat

Skip to: 1:18 #1 Ippudo NYC

Skip to: 1:27 Tip: Go to Ippudo at lunch time

Skip to: 2:25 Tip: Go line up before the restaurant opens to get a seat

Skip to: 4:07 #2 Shake Shack

Skip to: 5:59 #3 Halal Guys

Skip to: 6:27 Which Halal Guys cart to go to

Skip to: 6:44 Tip: Ask for the red and white sauce

Skip to: 7:40 Vic’s top activities to do in New York City

Skip to: 7:47 Broadway in New York City

Skip to: 8:47 Tip: Buy Broadway tickets in advance

Skip to: 9:32 World of Nintendo

Skip to: 10:32 Top of the Rock for the best views of the city

Skip to: 10:47 Tip: Reserve your spot ahead of time

Skip to: 11:19 One thing you wished you’ve done but never did

Skip to: 12:20 What is the one thing you wish you haven’t done

Skip to: 14:25 Dollar Pizza at 2 Bro Pizza

Skip to: 15:06 Where should you stay

Skip to: 15:34 Herald Square

Skip to: 16:23 If you only had one hour in New York, where would you eat?

Skip to: 18:00 Family Activities

Skip to: 18:08 Natural History Museum

Skip to: 18:48 Transportation

Skip to: 19:31 When is the best time to go

Skip to: 20:17 Which airport to go to?

Skip to: 20:56 How long should you stay

Skip to: 21:16 Accomplice the show

Skip to: 22:57 Sleep No More

Places Vic Mentioned

Ippudo NYC:

Shake Shack:

Halal Guys:

World of Nintendo:

Top of the Rock:

2 Bro Pizza:

Natural History Museum:

Accomplice the show: No More: