We’re excited to welcome the newest member of our team, Anthony – @saieii! He’s been to over 22 countries, loves to explore and try new things. A genuinely cool person.

On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we chat with Anthony, our newest member of the Nomtrips team. We talk in detail about his trip to Japan with useful advice and tips along the way. Remember Netflix’s Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Well, he ate there and told us all about it including how to make reservations, the total cost, and of course, about the sushi. Was it worth it? Also, he talks about Piss Alley, pork vagina, and whale.

Tune in as he takes us on this epic 1-month vacation in Japan.

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Skip to: 0:16 Meet Anthony, our Brand Ambassador. @saieii

Skip to: 3:08 Anthony has been to 22 countries

Skip to: 6:10 Pick up an IC card – prepaid card to pay for public transportation

Skip to: 7:23 Use Google Translate to help with the language barrier

Skip to: 8:14 Look for data plan or pocket wifi to help you stay connected

Skip to: 9:41 There are 2 major airports in Japan

Skip to: 11:53 7-Eleven sushi is pretty darn good in Japan

Skip to: 12:22 Piss Alley

Skip to: 12:50 Some unique food in Piss Alley, including pork vagina

Skip to: 15:30 Theme restaurants are popular in Japan

Skip to: 17:55 Japan is a pretty safe country for families

Skip to: 19:07 It’s actually 47 Tokyo Neighbourhoods

Skip to: 19:40 Closing hours range from 11pm – 1am depending on the train

Skip to: 21:21 Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Skip to: 23:32 www.govayagin.com

Skip to: 25:13 Takashi Ono

Skip to: 30:33 Arcades are awesome in Japan

Skip to: 31:25 Akihabara, shopping central for electronics, small retailers to department stores

Skip to: 41:06 Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask for advice

Skip to: 42:49 Connect with @saieii

Skip to: 43:40 This is the Lafarge Exshaw Cement Plant