We attended (virtually) TechTable Summit 2020 on December 15, 2020, presented by Zagat. 

One of our favorite session was:

Social Media: Reviving The Restaurant Industry

Adapting to new strategies around social media, data, guest relations, and how restaurants can leverage digital platforms to grow their businesses.

The panel included:

Ellen Bennet – Founder of Hedley & Bennett @ellenmariebennett

Nick Tran – Head of Global Marketing, Tiktok @atsignnick

Lila King – Head of News and Publishing at Instagram @lilacina

Rachel Karten – Social Media Consultant, formerly with Bon Appetit @milkkarten

What a panel!

Part of our mission on Tips Appreciated is to provide useful advice and tips on everything food-related. Today, we start with the restaurant industry, which we all know is taking a huge hit because of the pandemic of 2020. 

In today’s episode, we’ve summarized what we learned for you, our listeners, and viewers with the hopes that you can take some of these social media marketing tips and advice and immediately apply them to your business.

Here are our Top 5 themes:

  1. Start with you, your personality, and your authentic self.
    1. Tell your story and share your knowledge.
    2. Be real. Don’t worry about perfection.
    3. Show your face. People will connect with you and your passion.
  2. So how? Use multiple platforms
    1. TikTok – Friendly community, it’s not about the followers but the content
      1. Show off your craft and your skills – Nick Tran
    2. Instagram – Reels, use short-form video
      1. Go live! It’s 100% ok People love to see you, the person.
  3. Technology
    1. Focus on using what you have. Not what you don’t have. Ellen Bennett
      1. Start with your phone. Start recording. 
      2. It really is accessible.
  4. Content
    1. The industry has moved away from curated perfect content to just being real! Rachel Karten
    2. Food pics, fake perfect pics to real people, and connections
      1. Move away from those perfect pictures, fake poses, and false pressure to be again perfect. 
  5. Care about your community
    1. One of the trends that Nick was hoping to see is a shout out to other businesses. 
    2. Think about partnerships. Creators, restaurants, and Postmates example.
    3. We’ve seen some great local collaborations between breweries and restaurants.

Over the next few episodes, we’ll be chatting with Social Media and marketing experts to get some more different perspectives and tips for you!

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