On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we have Earnest Rawlins, a Golden Bean Winner and Founder/Owner of E’s World Coffee located in Alaska. Earnest shares how he got into coffee roasting after learning how to repair espresso machines and gives great tips and advice for beginners on making a great cup of coffee, including equipment recommendations!

He also shares his entrepreneurial journey in creating his coffee roasting company and what the coffee roasting community is like in Alaska. Then, he speaks on what it’s been like to do business online during the pandemic and the challenges he faces in expanding his physical locations for roasting.

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Visit the E’s World Coffee website: www.esworldcoffee.com

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Businesses + Resources Mentioned:

Café Del Mundo, now Black Cup: www.blackcupak.com 

Coffee Crafters: www.coffeecrafters.com

Golden Bean: www.goldenbean.com

Hario V60 Dripper + more: www.global.hario.com/seihin/productlist.php?bigclass=1 

Behmor Brazen: www.behmor.com/brazen-plus

Cuisinart Burr Ginder: www.cuisinart.com/shopping/appliances/coffee_makers/dbm-8

The Black Coffee Journal: www.theblackcoffeejournal.com or www.instagram.com/theblackcoffeejournal

SteamDot: www.steamdot.com 

Uncle Leroy’s Coffee: www.uncleleroyscoffee.com

Goldie’s Coffee Roasters: www.goldiescoffeeroasters.com 

Coho Coffee Roasters: www.facebook.com/CohoCoffee

Edible Alaska Article ft. E’s World Coffee: www.ediblealaska.ediblecommunities.com/drink/micro-roasters-unite 

Mike Karpenko: www.mikekarpenko.com 

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Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 1:17 About Earnest Rawlins + How he got into coffee roasting

Skip to: 5:03 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Skip to: 5:31 Starting and growing E’s World Coffee

Skip to: 10:37 What it was like to find out he’s a Golden Bean Winner

Skip to: 11:29 Expanding into selling at farmer’s markets + Dealing with burnout

Skip to: 14:47 The best way to make a good coffee blend

Skip to: 15:35 Earnest’s current secret project

Skip to: 16:34 Did you know? There are 6 ways to roast coffee beans!

Skip to: 17:48 Our reactions to tasting E’s World Coffee

Skip to: 18:44 Suggested coffee making equipment for beginners

Skip to: 20:54 Tips for grinding coffee and pouring your kettle correctly

Skip to: 26:54 Are you on a mission to win first place in Golden Bean? + His challenges with expansion

Skip to: 31:32 The micro-roasting community in Alaska

Skip to: 39:05 How his online coffee business is doing during the pandemic

Skip to: 44:33 The story behind E’s World Coffee’s new merch

Skip to: 49:44 How E’s World does shipping

Skip to: 51:13 What to expect in the next episode with Earnest

Skip to: 52:00 Do you remember the first time you ever had coffee?

Skip to: 53:18 Outro