On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we have Stacey Watts, a social media coach and content creation strategist who helps business owners master their content creation to connect and grow on social media. Stacey shares insights on why video works so well on social media, how to communicate and present yourself effectively and authentically, and how to leverage your social media presence for networking and marketing. She also shares tips on repurposing your story to broaden your reach, as well as disconnecting and detoxing from social media without losing your followers’ engagement.

Stacey says social media is a tool in the marketing toolbox. It’s not the only way to do business.

Are you using social media as a tool? Comment your favorite social media platform below!

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Businesses + Resources Mentioned:

WhatsApp: www.whatsapp.com 

Discord: www.discord.com 

Clubhouse: www.joinclubhouse.com 

The Donut Man: www.thedonutman.ca

Facebook Creator Studio: business.facebook.com/creatorstudio/home

Hootsuite: www.hootsuite.com

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Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 0:33 About Stacey + How she got into social media content creation

Skip to: 5:00 Where to start with building a presence on social media: Networking

Skip to: 7:22 Tips on repurposing your story + The 4 R’s of social media

Skip to: 10:11 Perfection vs. Authenticity on social media + The pillars of Stacey’s strategy

Skip to: 13:31 Communication on social media: What to say and what not to say + Handling negative comments

Skip to: 21:17 The worst thing you can do on social media as a business

Skip to: 23:41 How to know who your ideal client is + What is the social media algorithm and how do you utilize it?

Skip to: 27:09 How to disconnect and detox from social media without losing your following

Skip to: 37:43 The reality of living in the age of social media

Skip to: 42:09 EMFs from electronic devices

Skip to: 42:59 Thinking holistically with a social media strategy

Skip to: 43:28 How to connect with Stacey

Skip to: 44:23 How to start real conversations over social media

Skip to: 46:42 Is “Done For You” content good for social media?

Skip to: 47:12 About Stacey’s Course: Social in Six: Master Your Content Creation

Skip to: 51:54 Who is the best person to sign up for your course?

Skip to: 52:45 Future plans for collaboration!

Skip to: 1:00:09 Outro