On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we have Makeda Waterman of Top Writing Services Inc., a branding and marketing agency focused on helping you attract more customers through storytelling and content creation.

Makeda shares insights and tips on social media, how to get started, getting your voice and story out there and engaging with your customers. She also shares tips on being accessible to your customers and how to show authenticity before product and service.

Join us today as we dive into some great marketing tips and advice!

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Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 0:49 About Makeda and motivation to start her own business

Skip to: 1:26 Moving from Toronto to Edmonton

Skip to: 2:18 Failure is not an option

Skip to: 2:57 Why should you use social media as a small business owner?

Skip to: 3:43 Tips on growing your social media following and engagement

Skip to: 5:09 Tips on how to start to tell your story

Skip to: 6:02 Tips on having fun on social media; internet challenges on TikTok

Skip to: 7:33 Using TikTok for education content; Learning TikTok

Skip to: 9:05 Tips on understanding your audience

Skip to: 10:30 Testing different mediums and content; data and insight

Skip to: 13:13 What Makeda means by “Your content needs to be a daily gift to your audience”

Skip to: 14:40 Three big tips on getting your personality out there

Skip to: 16:25 About Top Writing Services Inc. and how to engage with Makeda

Skip to: 17:38 New YouTube channel!

Skip to: 19:24 Coffee date when the pandemic is over!

Skip to: 20:04 Outro