On this episode of Tips Appreciated, Nora is an avid traveler and foodie from Morocco. Born and raised in Germany, attending a french school, she gives us a multicultural view of her experiences. From attending university in Paris, and now living in Rabat.

We chat about the food scene, must-eats, travel tips, and her love for Reese’s. Come experience Paris and Morocco through the eyes of Nora. Enjoy episode 2!

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Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 1:24 Welcome Nora

Skip to: 2:49 About @nonothefoodie

Skip to: 4:09 Food scene in Rabat

Skip to: 6:02 Proper Moroccan food

Skip to: 7:30 Traveling to Morocco as a tourist

Skip to: 9:00 Schooling and living in Paris

Skip to: 11:15 Nora’s sweet tooth

Skip to: 13:04 Her number one choice for pastry in Paris

Skip to: 13:10 Racial breakdown in Japan

Skip to: 15:35 Culture in Paris as a traveler

Skip to: 16:50 The Parisian lifestyle

Skip to: 18:00 Chinese food in Paris

Skip to: 20:10 Wish list for travel – Dubai

Skip to: 22:00 Love for Reese’s

Skip to: 26:35 Partnership with Jumia

Skip to: 30:14 Wrap up

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