On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we have David, a former Albertan who moved to Japan 5 years ago to teach English. He shares his journey on moving, teaching, and living in Japan.

We chat about food, housing, working, and day-to-day life. He also helps dispel the mystiques of Japan, gives some great tips for visiting, and of course, our favorite, his perspective on 7-Eleven. There’s so much good stuff in this episode. REAL PEOPLE. REAL STORIES. That’s season 3.

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Tokyo Fresh Podcast – https://www.instagram.com/tokyofreshpodcast/?hl=en

Will he ever move back to Alberta? Listen or watch the full episode.

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Skip to: 0:16 Intro

Skip to: 0:44 Episode primer

Skip to: 1:01 Welcome David!

Skip to: 2:13 Moving to Japan

Skip to: 3:31 Teaching English

Skip to: 5:04 Finding housing in Japan

Skip to: 8:48 Visa, paperwork and bank accounts

Skip to: 10:55 Mystique 1 Culture

Skip to: 11:44 Day to Day Food

Skip to: 13:10 Racial breakdown in Japan

Skip to: 16:00 Japanese work culture

Skip to: 19:17 Tips for tourists

Skip to: 22:03 Hidden gems David’s food list

Skip to: 28:39 Food from 7-Eleven

Skip to: 30:50 David’s conveneince store ranking

Skip to: 33:00 North American food David misses most

Skip to: 35:50 Travel tips for families

Skip to: 38:30 Recommend teaching in Japan

Skip to: 40:44 Understanding work culture

Skip to: 42:24 Tokyo Fresh Podcast

Skip to: 43:36 Interviewing a Pokemon animator

Skip to: 44:10 Cereal and bible

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