On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we have Brian, who traveled with his father to Europe to ride their bikes through France and the Black Sea using the Eurovelo 6 route. We chat about their adventures including buying a bike from Craigslist, tips on planning a bike trip, and of course, the great stories from their adventure.

Brian also is an avid runner and loves TV and movie trivia. Check out his podcast on Instagram. Link below.

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Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 1:17 Welcome Brian and his love for podcasts

Skip to: 2:50 Passion for bike tours and trips

Skip to: 3:43 Eurovelo 6 from France to the Black Sea

Skip to: 4:30 Buying a bike on Craigslist

Skip to: 5:30 Shipping the bike to Europe

Skip to: 7:29 Day 1 of Eurovelo 6

Skip to: 9:00 Bike problems – cracks in the rim

Skip to: 11:52 Another bike trip – Philly to St. Louis, Niagara Falls detour

Skip to: 13:45 Favorite memory from Eurovelo 6

Skip to: 17:56 Haricot Vert

Skip to: 18:40 TV Trivia Podcast

Skip to: 20:13 Favorite TV Show

Skip to: 22:13 Tips for bike tours

Skip to: 25:00 Bonding with dad

Skip to: 26:15 Top items to pack

Skip to: 29:34 Wrap up

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