On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we have Jeremy, who is a wilderness kayak guide and an animal handler. He also runs Teeth Podcast, where he interviews animal attack survivors from the United States and around the world. Hear his stories including how animals outsmart us as HOOMANS.

NOTE: We filmed in April, expected to release in May, but the release date for this episode is June! Teeth Podcast launching soon!

Check out his podcast on Instagram. Link below.

Connect with Jeremy

Teeth Podcast – https://www.instagram.com/teethpodcast/


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Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 0:45 Welcome Jeremy!

Skip to: 2:49 Catching squirrels as a kids

Skip to: 3:19 Being a kayak guide – Channel Islands National Park

Skip to: 4:17 Favorite experience/bioluminescence

Skip to: 8:29 Love for nature

Skip to: 9:20 Catching, cleaning and prepping food

Skip to: 11:00 Urchin or uni stories

Skip to: 15:23 Tips to visit Channel Islands

Skip to: 18:00 Overpopulation of urchins

Skip to: 20:14 Rock scallops

Skip to: 21:40 Dwarf fox and ravens

Skip to: 24:42 Food scene in LA

Skip to: 28:56 Teeth Podcast

Skip to: 31:23 SHARKS + Humboldt squid

Skip to: 37:15 Whales and kayakers

Skip to: 40:30 Stingray sting survival

Skip to: 48:29 Wrap up & closing

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