On this episode of Tips Appreciated, we have Leo, an accounting professional who is focused on using his skills to help small businesses in the Los Angeles area.  We talk about his love for accounting, dogs, travel, food and then we rank his favorite boba.  Overall a fun and inspiring episode just talking about life.

Are you a window opener or a door knocker? Also, listen to the whole episode and let us know your Excel problems!

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Skip to: 0:00 Intro

Skip to: 1:50 Reddit is a magical place

Skip to: 4:00 Tips for long distance relationships work!

Skip to: 7:54 Best asian foods in San Diego; Convoy District

Skip to: 10:23 Advice for you younger self; put yourself out there

Skip to: 11:11 Window opener vs door knocker?

Skip to: 13:25 Love for accounting

Skip to: 15:43 How accounting can help small businesses

Skip to: 23:00 We even talk about GPUs!

Skip to: 24:00 The entrepreneur side

Skip to: 26:45 Love for travel and favorite national park

Skip to: 28:20 Camping with Spam

Skip to: 29:53 Talking about the Channel Islands National Park

Skip to: 32:47 Tips for the Philippines

Skip to: 35:50 KBBQ in Koreatown, LA

Skip to: 36:44 Must have boba

Skip to: 40:40 If you won the lottery…

Skip to: 43:00 Wrap up & closing

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