Season 3 Intro

Welcome to season 3 of Tips Appreciated Podcast! As you probably noticed we took a little mental break to recharge and we’re sure glad we did. BUT WE’RE BACK. Tune in and make sure you subscribe on YouTube as we chat with REAL GUESTS with REAL STORIES.

Ever wonder:

  1. What it’s like living and teaching in Japan?
  2. Studying in Paris and living in Morocco?
  3. Taking a bike trip through the Eurovelo 6?
  4. Being a kayak guide off the Channel Islands?
  5. Travel tips from a former pro scout for the San Jose Sharks?
  6. Why you shouldn’t fear accounting for your small business?
  7. Taking a baseball trip through the West Coast in 12 days?

Well, we got you covered. Thank you to our guests and we can’t wait to share their stories with you.

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