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Manhattan Street Food Day Guide – Mama Jo’s Breakfast, Milk Truck, Halal Guys, and Waffles and Dinges

If you want to spend a day indulging in NYC’s greatest street food, this guide can get you where you need to go.

Bagels, Grilled Cheese, Falafel and Waffles.

New York City is a metropolis with more food than one could ever possibly hope to ingest in a lifetime. In fact, much of it exists on the streets themselves, meaning you don’t even have to venture from the route you’re on to find it. If you want to dig into breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and satisfy those munchies throughout the day to boot), New York’s street food scene can make it happen. So strap on your walking shoes, hop on the subway and get ready to dive into a day of eating street food in NYC’s Midtown Manhattan.


Mama Jo’s Breakfast Cart

NYC has a surplus of breakfast carts and this one in midtown in one of them. As you get ready to tackle the rest of the day, grab yourself a New York style bagel and cream cheese, breakfast sandwich or pastry and a cup o’ joe to go. Best of all, you’ll only spend a few bucks. It’s New York through and through.


If you’re a little hungrier go for the breakfast sandwich. It’ll fill you up nicely.

Directions to Mama Jo’s Breakfast Cart

E 47th St & Park Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA


Milk Truck

Looking for some fulfilling comfort food to keep the day rolling? Milk Truck serves up one heck of a grilled cheese that puts the creations of your youth to shame. Whether you want it with mustard, apple or no frills attached is up to you. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to invest in the mac and cheese, too.


The Milk Truck moves around. You can get their latest location on their site. Look for an orange and yellow truck and a gaggle of hungry lunch-rushers; you’ll know you’re on the right path

Directions to Milk Truck
Check their site as it moves around.


Halal Guys

From the latter half of the morning until well past midnight, the Halal Guys are serving up gyro and falafel as either sandwiches or platters. They’re quick to prep, which is perfect for New Yorkers without time on their side. Best of all, the white and hot sauces they’re most known for bring any meal up a notch. Grab a side of baba ganouj if you know what’s good for ya’.

Nomtip #1:

The falafel is a good choice. Don’t forget to load up on the yummy white sauce.

Nomtip #2:

If you’re having trouble finding it, look for the the tall yellow and red sign.

Directions to Halal Guys

West 53rd Street &, 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA


Waffles and Dinges

A warm, fluffy waffle served with rich and plentiful toppings? Yeah, it can’t get much better than that. This food truck, which keeps waffle lovers guessing on where in NYC they’ll be next, serves up some seriously drool-worthy desserts. Unique flavor compositions, like bourbon maple and bacon, peanut butter and banana or chicken and gravy really set this truck apart from the roaming dessert pack.


If you’re craving one of their waffles after your trip, you can order online to have it delivered to you. Shipping is free in the United States.

Directions to Waffles and Dinges

Trip Summary

While a day spent enjoying the street food of NYC may not necessarily count as clean eating, it’s sure to be one memorable feast. And what’s the harm in having a bit of fun in the city streets? I’d say not much.

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