Fresh Sushi, Sashimi, Fruits, Chicken Skewers and Ramen.

It used to be that we’d plan our trips around the things we want to see… now it’s more about what we’re going to eat! Tokyo was an amazing treasure trove of delicious eats. And even with the best laid plans, sometimes you just wander into a little hole in the wall and find the most amazing food.

Breakfast in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market/Outer Market

Tsukiji Fish Market/Outer Market

If you’re looking for a great way to start your day… That’s right – fish market for breakfast! So many options for food especially with the Outer Market right there- fresh sushi, sashimi, fruits, chicken skewers, fried treats, desserts and more. Really easy to access from the subway lines (Oedo Subway Line or Hibiya Subway line) – if you go JR, Shimbashi is the closest stop and it’s about a 20 minute walk. If you’ve never been to Japan, make sure you get a pair of comfy walking shoes before you go. We walked and took the JR everywhere!

What we ate:

So many things – but my favorite was the fresh bowl of salmon and tuna sashimi. Also eating sushi rolls on the street is an experience everyone should have. Don’t forget to try the Tamago-yaki which is a sweet omlette on a stick. And last but not least, make sure you have a ichigo-daifuku, which is a mochi (with red bean paste in the middle) topped with a strawberry!


Even though the lines are long, they move quick. So don’t hesitate to jump into a big line – it’s also a clear indication that the stall has fantastic food. There are also lots of stalls with sit down areas so you can give your feet a break while enjoying some sushi. And lastly – go early – it gets busy and they also close early so you don’t want to miss out!

The Verdict:

Absolutely loved the fish market – as a land-locked province, Albertans rarely get the chance to taste fresh fish like this. Thoroughly enjoyable! Even for those of you who aren’t sushi/fish lovers (like one of our travelling buddies), it’s just a cool experience. There are also tons of fresh fruit and dessert stands that you can enjoy in the Outer Market.


The Tsukiji Fish Market is moving to a Toyosu location later on in 2018. The Outer Market remain in the Tsukiji location.

Directions to Tsukiji Fish Market/Outer Market

5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tōkyō-to 104-0045, Japan

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Lunch in Harajuku’s AFURI


Some real talk here… Edmonton/Calgary, Canada (our hometowns) has a few gems when it comes to ramen, but until you’ve had ramen in Japan… you haven’t really had ramen. We did our research before going to Japan and AFURI just kept popping up as a must-try. It’s also close to the Fish and Outer Market, and we were happy to make a day out of it.

What we ate:

Even ordering the ramen is fun – you make your choices on a vending machine, pay, the machine spits out some tickets, and the waiter comes around to collect them. Genius!

I ordered the yuzu shoyu ramen and mistakenly asked for an additional egg (those vending machines are awesome, but a little tricky) not realizing it already came with a half-boiled egg. The broth was super flavourful yet very light and the noodles, while thin, were hearty. It was good to the last drop (I know soooo cheesy but true!).

Nomtip #1:

If you’re planning on going to Harajuku, this location is the perfect lunch place. It’s only minutes from the Meiji Shrine (gorgeous) and the JR Yamanote Line’s Harajuku station. So many awesome things to do in the same area – you can even get a giant rainbow cotton candy for dessert!

Nomtip #2:

The restaurant is pretty small – not a ton of seating and there’s always a steady stream of people there, but the food is worth the wait. Try to hit up the restaurant outside of regular lunch hours – we went just after 1:00 and only waited about 15 mins before getting seated.

The Verdict:

LOVE! Would have had AFURI ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the Harajuku location is so conveniently placed that you can do a ton of exploring before and after.  

It’s also super fun to watch them prepare the ramen – the cooking station is right in the middle with bar seating all around so you have a front row seat watching the staff meticulously prepare your meal.  

Directions to AFURI

Japan, 〒151-0051 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya City, Sendagaya, 3-chōme−63−1 グランデフォレスタ原宿

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Trip Summary

This itinerary is great for experiencing Japan’s famous Tjukiji Fish Market and Outer Market. Close by is the Harajuku, where you’ll find great ramen at AFURI, and also the Meiji Shrine. A great day to experience Japan.

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