Brunch, Famous Parisian Pastries and Chicken and Waffles.

Paris Day Guide

  • City: Paris, France
  • Neighborhoods: Opéra National De Paris, Eiffel Tower
  • Type of foodie adventure: Solo, couples, city adventurer, family-friendly
  • Vibe: Local, Tourist
  • Day Guide: Braun Notes | Maison Lenôtre | Baba zulu

As an international and cosmopolitan capital, Paris has a numerous of food spots, which makes it difficult to choose the perfect place. Lucky you, I saved you time on your decision process and I’m gonna take you on what an ideal food day in Paris would look like. I’ll also give you alternative ideas, since we might not share the same taste. No matter how breathtaking the sightseeing in the city of love can be, this food plan will level up your Parisian experience. Who needs a lover when you can have this ? 


Braun Notes
Photo Credit: @nonothefoodie. Braun Notes Paris, France

If you’re craving a sweet-savoury start of the day for an affordable price (especially in Paris), this is your place! You could tell the food is fresh, well-presented and heart warming. Adorable staff, nice atmosphere and delicious filling food. There isn’t anything not to like in this brunch, it looks as good as it tastes 😉

On your way to the restaurant, walk down the Opéra and feed your eyes with beautiful architecture before feeding your belly with this delicious brunch!

Directions to Braun Notes

31-33 Rue de Mogador, 75009 Paris, France

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Pastries near Eiffel Tower

Maison Lenôtre
Photo Credit: @nonothefoodie. Maison Lenôtre Paris, France

After walking through the streets of Paris, you’re probably gonna crave a snack. Here are a couple of options around the Eiffel tower :

You could either go for a churros street seller (never judge a book by its cover !) or a more high end very parisian option would be the famous luxury catering service Lenôtre.

What we ate:

They have literally everything ! From pastries, chocolate, salty food to their self made champagne and ice-cream, there is room for everyone, no matter your taste or craving!

I had a raspberry tiramisu, a light fruity choice that doesn’t disappoint. You can go for any of their cakes and pastries and it would still be the best choice., trust me 😉

Nomtip #1:
Follow their instagram page to be aware of their discounts! If you decide to sit there on the snack area, go for the Maison Lenôtre near the Eiffel tower because it has a bathroom, you’re welcome 😉

Nomtip #2:
For having tried most of their food, they have rarely let me down. I would even recommend you to take a box of chocolates for your loved ones at the end of your Paris adventures !

Directions to Maison Lenôtre

36 Avenue de la Motte-Picquet, 75007 Paris, France

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Baba zulu
Photo Credit: @nonothefoodie. Baba Zulu Paris, France

Approved more than once! I went here with many friends and they were all blown away by how incredible the food was. The crispy chicken is very generous, they have several original dips (honey mustard, mango curry…) and at the end of the meal, you feel like you received a hug in you belly. Don’t miss out on this!

Nomtip #1:
Go early there because the restaurant is small but so famous and therefore quickly full! Get with the specialty fried plantain bananas side for a touch of sweetness. After finishing, you can have a digestion walk around the canal of Saint-Martin until République

Directions to Baba zulu

23 Rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris, France

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Food Guide Summary

This itinerary is perfect for you if you wish to combine food adventures with sightseeing spots. Your eyes and belly will be so happy at the end of the day 🙂

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